Three shades of rose

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The future is rosy! Rosé wines are more and en vogue, and not only in summer – you want to know why? We help you to understand with exceptional wines manufactured by specialists from the very heart of rosé wines: South of France and, of course, Provence!

1 Couteaux de Aix on Provence*, Rose (organic wine)
Couteaux de Aix on Provence AOC, Hecht & Bannier, 2020
Pleasantly dry and citric, a wonderful delectable crispy and dry Premium rose with almost no acidity that pairs with just about anything.

*New presentation – bottle design changed

2 Languedoc Rose
Languedoc AOC, Hecht & Bannier, 2019
Floral and spicy expression with cherry, watermelon and pomegranate nuances. A perfect summer wine or wine to forget grim winter

3 Bandol rose
Bandol AOC, Hecht & Bannier, 2016
А medium-bodied, silky-textured Pemium rose, fresh, complex and long. Perfectly balanced and even ready to substitute a red wine in hot summer evenings.Unlike other rose wines the Bandol Rose is oaked and has ageing potential

Robert Parker: 91p.!



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