Three shades of white

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What could be more exiting than a glass of cool white in the summer heat or as a side to a light lunch or a dinner of white meat or Thai kitchen? Three styles of white, one more delicious than th other – have a try!

1 Bianco de Custoza
Venetto, Righetti, 2017
This cuvee from Garganeda, Pinot Bianco, Cortese and Chardonnay grapes comes from northeast of Lake Garda. Straw-yellow color, a fragrant bouquet and a fruity, aromatic flavor. The whole experience from 4 generations of winemaking in one bottle.

2 Riesling “Imperial”
Pfalz, Quality Wine, Ruppertsberger 2017
Riesling – this capricious grape with a comparatively low yields is grown in Germany from at least the middle of the 15th century. The taste of Riesling can vary significanlty, depending on the terroir. We chose an exceptionally fresh and fruity Riesling with gentle sweetness, melon and citrus aromas and some minerality.

3 Chardonnay
Pays d’Oc, Les Jamelles 2017
A great Chardonnay with a lovely golden colour, fresh and fruity nose and subtle notes of vanilla oak.

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