About store

"Vinoteka" exists for three years already and one may ask, why we decided to create a website? The answer is simple. First of all, we created a website so that as many people as possible know about us. And after all, at present time, visiting a website is easier and faster than visiting a store.
The site will be convenient and increase customer satisfaction: both for those who are already familiar with us, and for those who hear about us for the first time. Why should you spend your time visiting a restaurant to try your favorite wines? Simply order them and enjoy them in good company, wherever you are!
Of course, we will also provide advice and online and our administrators are also always in touch: they will help you by phone if needed.
On the site we also intend to publish useful information and to provide answers to frequently asked questions.
Finally, in order to facilitate a choice of excellent wines for a reasonable price, we offer you sets (ready-made sets of various wines at a discount) and wine accessories, with which you can start your trip into the interesting world of wine (without being forced to knock on your neighbor’s door for a corkscrew…)
With the online store, we will be even closer to you and we will deliver your favorite wines to almost any place - wherever you are, at the table, in the mountains and even on the beach.
We wish you a pleasant wine drinking!