New to “Vinoteka”? Let's get acquainted!

We are a German-Kyrgyz couple and in order to better understand the reasons for creating “Vinoteka”, you will need to know some episodes of our life.
Our love for wine arose quite some time ago during our travels to “wine countries”. Delicious dinners, accompanied by beautiful wines, visits to wine exhibitions and wineries - all this has become part of our life and finally turned into the idea of creating “Vinoteka”.
Having moved to Kyrgyzstan, we noticed that there was no place where people could just sit, talk and relax with a glass of good wine. This is why we decided to create “Vinoteka”, using all our experience and knowledge about wine.
Our idea is rather simple - drink what you like! We want our guests to choose wine according to their own taste and preferences and not getting confused by brand names or price. Therefore, as a matter of principle, we are offering our customers a free of charge tasting for most of our wines and are also regularly organizing wine tasting events. By tasting, we are sure that our guests buy wines that they really like. And, by the way, over time many clients have become more sophisticated in choosing wines - this makes us happy.
Besides wine, we do not forget about food. We want our restaurant to always serve fresh dishes that complement to the character of the drink. As a result, we are offering few but tasty dishes from different cuisines, including dishes that you hardly find elsewhere in Bishkek.
To prepare delicious dishes the chef needs quality products, and we, accordingly, pay to this issue utmost attention: for instance, we order eco-flour from our village and are daily looking for other, preferably locally produced products, to bring in the best and freshest available.
What else can be said? We are a family business and will continue to develop as a family one.
The managers are our cousins and sisters. They will be happy to suggest the appropriate wine for any occasion - whether it is a birthday, a romantic date or a friendly meeting. The interior design of “Vinoteka” was created by us all, in a joint effort. And all the ideas in terms of interior and design were finally realized by our eldest brother - the jack-of-all-trades, really!
In "Vinoteka" you will always find quality wine, excellent service and a great atmosphere. Looking forward to meeting you there!