The Portuguese climate is ideal for growing grapes and the vineyards are spread almost over the entire area of ​​the country. Each region, as usual, has its own peculiarities of taste.

In the north fresh white wines are produced, like the famous Vino Verde, whose flavor contains lime and peach aromas. They contain little alcohol, are not aged and are intended to “buy and drink”.

The region Douro around Porto is known for creating dessert wines for many centuries — due to the fact that winemaking has its origins here and accordingly attracted many talented winemakers. Wineries in this region produce the whole range of wines: white, red and pink from a wide variety of grapes. The Lisboa and Alentejo regions also produce fine white and red wines.

However, red wines are generally more popular: they are strong and often aged in barrels. If you ever find yourself in Portugal, you should try out wines from the Portuguese red grapes, such as Turiga Franco, Tinta Barroka or Tinta Roriz.

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