Talking about Spanish wine, one region instantly comes to one’s mind — “Rioja”. Wine in this region is produced since 1102 and until present time the region is of great importance and creates magnificent red wines that are highly recognized internationally. In Spanish red wines, Garnacha, Tempranillo and Monastrell (Mourverdre) grapes usually prevail.

A typical feature of Spanish winemaking is that many wines are aged in oak barrels and later in bottles until they reach the desired taste. But how to know how long Spanish wine has been aged?

Very simple. Bottles are labeled with the terms “Joven”, “Crianza”, “Reserva” and “Gran Reserva”. “Gran Reserva” means that the wine was aged the longest (at least 5 years), and “Joven” — that the wine was is still young.

If you want to start your Spanish wine journey, we suggest you to try the classical «Tempranillo» or «Crianza», in case you don’t want to start with the premium «Vina Real»