Red wine stains often mean disaster. A spot on a white lady’s blouse or on gentleman’s trousers… and a romantic evening might be finished very soon.

Below we provide a few rules that might be helpful, if it really happens:

  • The stain should not dry before cleaning efforts start. If there is no restroom nearby, immediately moisten the stain with an acidic liquid (white wine is also suitable), lemon juice or mineral water. Then it can be easier washed out in a regular washing machine, even if it dries before that.
  • Afraid of watering your partner our yourself? Then sprinkle with salt and rub lightly. Leave for half an hour and then rinse with water.
  • This is a rather brutal method and probably applicable only for white non-delicate textiles:
    • Treat the stain with concentrated sodium hydrochloride (Clorix, Domestos), and then rinse thoroughly. Do not try this method on colored clothes, because you will risk completely discoloring them! Before applying, take of the cloth, of course, and check how the textile tolerates such a treatment on an «invisible place» (for instance, the skirt hem).
    • For carpets: sprinkle with salt and rub. After aproximately 30 min remove the salt with a vacuum cleaner, and remove the remaining stain with a sponge. Just moisten the sponge so that you can squeeze some water onto the carpet and immediately absorb it again. Rinse the sponge and continue until the stain disappears.