In Soviet times, unfortunately, low-quality wines were often covered by sugar and this is one of the reasons, why people still think that sweet wines should be treated with caution. In general, quality cannot be defined by the terms «dry» or «sweet.» A wine should be harmonious and natural, of course. Sweetness or acidity, alcohol and flavors — all together should result in a harmonious taste.

Very dry wines — especially the whites – are not everyone’s taste, and especially “beginners” usually don’t like them. Stating that only a dry wine is a good wine does not make sense. Whether to drink dry or sweet — it all depends on the case. For example, seafood with a buttery or creamy sauce and Asian dishes pair excellent with wines with little residual sugar, while very dry wines like “Entre deux meres” served for dessert would not provide any pleasure.

There is a lot to discover in the range from “dry” to “sweet” and the most important thing is to find what you like most.