Old world / New world, selected red

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Do you want to widen your horizon and get acquainted with masterpieces of modern winemaking? Here are two exaples of the old and the new world! For all lovers and connoisseurs of good taste!

1 Redhill Pinotage
Stellenbosch, Simonsig 2011
Pinotage is the signature grape of South Africa and grown almost exclusively there. Frans Malan, the founder of the Simonsig estate was one of the first to use french oak barrels for ageing. A truly premium red, rich, concentrated wine with chocolate aromas, elegant tanins and a dry finish.

2 Faugeres
Faugeres, Languedoc, Hecht & Banniers, 2014
A muscular, full bodied modern wine with velvety tanins and a long finish. Sturctured by the Syrah and rounded up by the Mourvedre the wine shows the minerality typical for the Faugeres slate hills terroirs. Francois Bannier: «My Grand Cru». RP: 93p «A hidden gem!

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